The Secret About Resumes No Recruiter Will Tell You

Despite what we’ve all been told about the importance of our resumes, the true fact about them nowadays is that they are virtually useless as a job hunting tool because nobody takes the time to read them. Big data has stepped in to replace the resume as the primary feature in the job search. Sites like LinkedIn are important, but only a small piece of the puzzle. Rather it is your overall online presence that influences recruiters. It is in you best interest to curate your online presence to project an image that coincides with potential positions you would be interested in pursuing.

Reflect on these key points:

  • 1Once upon a time a well-devised resume would have constituted almost half of the criteria needed to vet an applicant.
  • 2Today it constitutes about 10% of the data used by HR pros to pick a new hire.
  • 3Today, web data, such as a LinkedIn profile, replaces the resume as the priority for approving an applicant.

“Your résumé? is said to be so crucial to your career that it’s become a proxy for job hunting itself.”

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