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Seven Excellent Ways to Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day

Over the last two decades, more and more companies have observed Employee Appreciation Day on the first Friday in March. Research is clear on the importance of recognition and acknowledgement for engagement and morale, with a major impact on the quality of the customer experience. One way to observe Employee Appreciation Day is to create opportunities to volunteer in the community. Games and social activities can also be a great way to recognize employees and have fun in the process. Even a lunch experience or happy hour can be beneficial.

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Four Simple Words to Help You Live Well

In order to live well we must do four simple things, Move, Nourish, Refresh, and Connect. Moving is always better than sedentary, and eating real food, instead of the process over-sugared packaged food will make a big difference. Refresh through sleep, meditation, and focusing on your well being. Connecting to family and friends to improve your well being is vital. Small tasks done through out the day can relieve stress and refresh your spirit as well, and a good piece of chocolate falls into a few categories, such as nourish and refresh.

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These 5 Management Practices Create Uncommonly Successful Workplaces

David Hassil attributes his company’s unprecedented sucess to breaking with managerial norms. For example, he espoused the need for a
shared company culture long before the term was a buzz word.

Hassil proposes that between being and doing, being is ultimately
the key attribute to look for and connect with in people, because those invisible “being” things; attributes such as moral philosophy, lead ultimately to what people choose to do.

Hassil also believes that separating work life and home life from one another, as if one does not impinge on and even occasionally bleed onto the other is also a mistake. Lives are whole entities, not chambers, and we need to see the whole of people, including all their challenges.

Hassil also found having a growth mindset was an important factor for all people. Those with a growth mindset believed that their qualities and abilities could and do grow and shift with time and effort, whereas, those with a fixed mindset believed whatever skills and attributes they had at an early age were destined to be set in stone.

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7 Reasons to Hire an Executive Search Firm

Getting the cream of the crop for your workforce is of course an important business goal, particularly for the highest echelon positions and particularly given that employment levels are currently high. Employees can afford to be a bit more picky, given that there are fewer of them out there without a job. But, that should not mean you lose out.

Executive Search firms are a desirable option to ensure the best candidates make it to your hiring process. Not only can such a team research and vet your best choices, it can serve as an important intermediary, ensuring that the transition from company to company proceeds smoothly.

An Executive Search Team has more than just research skills to offer. Such a
team invariably has contacts across the width and breadth of the business world.
They understand position requirements from years of experience and practice, thus ensuring that the right person is chosen to fill the
right slot.

Employees can affo

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3 ways to hold your dental team accountable

Accountability provides a measuring stick for professionalism. Without certain standards that must be regularly met there exists no accountability and professionalism suffers.

Fortunately, there are viable ways to hold your dental team accountable. For example, hold to pre-decided deadlines, to ensure timeliness. A lack of such mmerely ensures that tasks are shoved to the bottom of the to-do list.

Another way to ensure accountability is to have a non-arbitrary way to measure results to show improvement. For example, if the stated goal is to foster better communication, then there needs to be a yardstick by which that can be measured.

Lastly, for best accountability results, always take time as a team leader to ensure that wanted results are made entirely clear to each team memberm

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