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How to Reduce Individual Stress Levels at Work

Work can be stressful and It isn’t always because of the job either. Sometimes it’s due to hostile attitudes in workers or other things. There are ways to deal with this stress and it’s important because it can be hard to deal with a job when you are stressed. The good advice here can make your job easier to deal with. It will make you feel better about going to work if you know you won’t be facing a whole day of negative feelings.

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How to Handle Employees Who Post Company Business on Social Media

There are things which don’t belong on people’s personal social media pages. One of these is company business unless it is posted by the company or with their permission. Employees shouldn’t take it upon themselves to post this. It is inappropriate and can even hurt the reputation of the business. If you have an employee doing this you need to deal with it. This gives good advice on what to do. It’s a sensitive issue.

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New Employee Is Making My Old Employee Look Bad…Now What?

Work relationships can get tricky and you never want to seem like you’re taking sides. That can make things worse so it’s best to avoid it even if it is hard. This talks about how to navigate a hard situation which comes up a lot. Sometimes you’ll find that a new employee has come in and is making an older employee look bad. It can lead to resentment and other ahrd feelings so should be handled carefully.

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How to build a work environment where everyone lends a helping hand

A good work environment can make any job more pleasant no matter what it is. One of the things which detracts from this is inequality in the work. If some people work together and help while others don’t it can breed resentment and other bad feelings. This gives advice on how to fix that. There are ways to get more people to help so things are equal and employees will be happier if this can be achieved.

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4 Employee Laws Small Business Owners Need To Know

There are several laws that are crucial for small business owners to know, and are often overlooked. While they may differ slightly from state-to-state and business-to-business, they are good guidelines to consider no matter where you are located or what you sell. Make sure to consider wage laws, including minimum wage and pay standards, as well as break laws for employees. Classification laws and leave of absence laws are additionally important. Note, though, that these categories certainly do not cover the entire complexity of wage laws in the United States. There are many more standards that are important to know.

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