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A Young Survivor

The latest webinar from Hygiene Profits Mastermind features oral cancer survivor amber Young, a 37 year old mother of two who credits her dentist with saving her life. The webinar will help you integrate oral cancer screenings into your practice, while creating awareness of the cancer to help market your practice. Links to the webinar are provided. This is a webinar that anyone wanting to get into oral cancer screenings should be interested in attending.

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1 – 3 mm probe readings NOT always healthy

When you are examining a patient for periodontal disease, it’s important to remember the 3 Ps, prep, probe and present. You need to prepare your patient for the exam, make sure they understand what you are looking for and what the findings mean. When you do your probes and the patient falls into the 1-3 mm category, you have to recognize the conditions when these readings aren’t healthy. You have to present the information to the patient in a way that they understand that periodontal disease can lead to dangerous conditions. Thus video will help guide you.

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The 12 Stages of Burnout, According to Psychologists

Many people today are over-worked and just “burnt out.” What are the tattle tale signs? In an article by Scientific American, they reveal possible signs. The most obvious sign would be depriving themselves of joy or pleasure. Others signs include constant anxiety, denial of problems, social withdrawal, and behavioral changes. Over worked individuals could end up changing their life values, wanting to prove themselves, depression, and even a decrease in daily activities in general. The last tattle tale sign is the presence of medication.

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Improve Your Oral Cancer Screenings

With technology constantly changing, medical devices have changed drastically which has changed our medical field as well. In this day and age, one simple device can assist in screening an individual for things like cancer. One device that dental hygienist use, uses a special lenses. While getting an exam, this lens is clipped onto a light which gives the examiner a better look at the patient. It helps to look for signs of oral cancer and even takes pictures for proper documentation.

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Dental Hygienist Spotlight: Helen

Helen is studying to be a dental hygienist at Seattle Central. She is expected to graduate in June of 2018. At the beginning of her college career, she decided to make an Instagram account to show others her experience while moving into her new career. Her page provides tips for people inquiring about the profession. She also gives advice for others who may be interested in becoming a dental hygienist. She can be followed on Instagram by searching for _dentalhygiene.

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