Employee Perks: Free Food at Work Is Nice to Have

A recent HRBartender survey asking about how employees think about free food at work found that, although employees generally appreciate free food, it is not a panacea or a substitute for more important concerns like management and better pay. Free food is generally seen as a nice perk, but it is not something that plays a big role in decisions about who employees want to work for. Providing free food does require some investment of resources, time and attention to do it well.

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Managing Employee Absenteeism the Best Way

Often people call in sick to work, more often than when they are actually ill. The potential reason for this is that their work places do not have options for them when they need time off. How to keep your employees from doing this? Give them fair and clear regulations surrounding sick time off and vacation and make it safe for them to call out when they desperately need it; give them the benefits of regular days off.

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Automation Is Not a Replacement for Interaction – Friday Distraction

Automation is no longer science fiction. Odds are it’s coming to an office near you and from there to your very own workplace watering hole. It’s important when automation puts in an appearance that your office is prepared. Decide before implementing automated technology what the purpose truly is. Heads will butt and agendas collide if one person believes the automation is to free up time for employee mentoring, while another sees the new technology as a data gathering device. Everyone should be on the same page, knowing what the automation is for, it’s goal, limitations, parameters and what should be done with the freed up time.


Here’s to the Crazy Ones: And Why You Don’t Deserve Them

As things stand in most companies a review is a process that might be perceived as a closed loop, a required piece of paper, done to fill a regulation, end of story. But, for companies to encourage greatness, reviews should be something more. They should be migration papers, a means to pass from acceptable to good, to better than good and then onward to great. Managers should be ushering employees to think beyond the box they find themselves in, to aspire to come up with new and more interesting solutions to company issues, big and small, and then to present them and to risk being considered a bit crazy in the process, because oftentimes it takes crazy to make progress.

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Is it Time to Fail, OR is it Time to Fill?

It is well within our nature to want to think positive. It’s also well within human nature to bite off more than we can reasonably expect to chew. The truth is projects are usually underestimated in terms of projected time lines. Every big job has the potential to morph into a million unanticipated sub-jobs, not to mention the unanticipated, employee issues, scheduling and budgeting issues, all crop up. And Murphy’s law reigns supreme.

When posting an opening, the time that lags between the posting and the filling of that post is known as fill time. As with project timelines, it’s apt to be a longer period than initially anticipated. But, that does not have to be bad. Use that time proactively. Plan and decide on what the job requires. Use the time to become focused and clear about recruiting issues. That way the filling is successful and not a failure.

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