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Fun Ways to Market Your Practice

Dental practices have long known that providing small perks to kids, such as candy and stickers, can make a big difference in how the patient feels afterwards. Providing things like WiFi, a nice bathroom to freshen up in after appointments, loaner reading glasses and samples of products you frequently recommend to patients can help keep your young adult patients happy. You can also provided branded products like pens, lip balm, and other small items can help promote your business. Even more unusual items like flowers and windshield scrapers can make a significant impact on patient relations, as can something as simple as a greeting card for new patients.

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20 Simple Ways to Increase Motivation in the Workplace

Keeping your employee motivated is important to any business. One of the most basic ways to make employees more engaged is simply to offer them more acknowledgment and positive attention — 70 percent of employees say more acknowledgment would improve their workplaces. Set clear, realistically attainable goals, and then applaud your team for its accomplishments when they achieve those goals. Try to stay positive whenever possible. Let employees take breaks, snack and hydrate when they need to. Remember— high morale raises productivity by around a third, so happy employees are a competitive advantage.

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How to Make Your Remote Workers Feel Appreciated and Valued

One of the biggest challenges to a business that has remote workers is keeping them engaged with the company, and feeling like they are working as a part of a team. The best tool to use is communication. Online participation in company activities such as rally meetings, clubs and incentives aid in building company loyalty and a sense of belonging. Making their contributions feel valued is important, something as simple as an email telling them they did a good job, or to recognize a great job can go a long way.

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Simplify Your Start-Up Hiring With These 3 Steps

The art of recruiting good people to fill key positions is a perennial concern for all organizations, large or small, new or old. Spending too much time on recruiting can detract from other tasks, while spending too little can leave you with too few strong candidates. Use metrics to help guide and plan your recruitment process. You also need to remember that, in addition to evaluating the candidate’s qualifications, you must also seek the candidate on why they should want to work for your organization.

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Top 5 Motivators for Gen Z in the Workplace

By 2020, over one third of the workforce will consist of people born between 1996 and 2010 — also known as Generation Z. The first thing to know about Generation Z is that they are very, very focused on making money, with 70 percent of them rating this as their top motivational factor in the workplace. This is an obvious consequence of having grown up with the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis. Generation Z also cares a lot about benefits, especially healthcare. They also tend to believe they will need to work harder than previous generations.

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