Your Internal Job Postings May Need a Refresh

There seems to be a lot of information of how to do external job postings, but what if you want to advertise a position within your own company? Following the example set by AT&T, you can post no risk and risk jobs and even providing rewards programs to help employees train before these jobs even become available. All you need to know about promoting from within your company is available in this article to help you get started.

Reflect on these key points:

  • 1Because external recruitment requires a lot of external resources, it can obscure the fact that internal recruitment needs some attention as well.
  • 2Management should take time to become apprised of workers goals and the skills they are looking to hone.
  • 3One way to make job postings more specific and inviting is to use badges that cite the specific skill set needed for the job.

“My definition for job bidding is when an employee lets the organization know they’re interested in an opportunity when it comes available.”

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