Your Employees Are the Company’s Secret Weapon – Friday Distraction

Millennial workers have developed a reputation for feeling entitled to undeserving promotions and raises, being addicted to social media, and job-hopping every time they get bored. They have been accused of lacking a strong work ethic, having no grit, and showing no respect for corporate culture. As a recent Forbes article stated, “It has become fashionable to trash millennials.” After having worked with many Generation Y twenty-somethings, we at Area Temps believe not only are most of these stereotypes unwarranted, millennial employees are the secret weapon your workforce needs. In fact, we’ll even go out on a limb and tell you why these younger employees make the best candidates for managerial positions.

Reflect on these key points:

  • 1Every employee should receive customer service training. No matter what role you have in the organization, you have a customer.
  • 2Empower employees to handle mistakes quickly and efficiently. I’m amazed when employees have to ask for permission to write off less than $5.
  • 3Share customer stories throughout the organization. I once worked for a company that kept track of how many customer letters they received. Their goal was to receive two good letters for every bad one

“Engaged employees deliver excellent customer service. And excellent customer service translates into better business.”

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