Why Employees Leave Companies in 2018 [poll results]

When recently asked, the majority of workers have related that they would leave their jobs if a better paying opportunity came along. Employees also want flexibility, chances to be promoted as well as support from their managers. This just highlights the need for managers to monitor employees whether it be staying or exit interviews to find out how to keep their most talented employees happy. This may involve better support as well as training to help employees advance careers while staying at the companies they work for.

Reflect on these key points:

  • 1Employees leave companies for better pay and benefits, not for personal reasons.
  • 2Less than 4% indicated a desire for better training and development.
  • 3The above key point does not mean that companies should feel like they don’t have to train employees however.

“Eventually, organizations will want workers to be ready to take on additional responsibilities.”

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