Using a Temporary Job to Launch Your Career – Ask #HR Bartender

Signing on with a search, or a head-hunting company is one good way to seek permanent employment in the higher echelons of a business. But, what if you are seeking a middle-management job, or an industrial job? A good option can be to sign up with a temporary staffing agency. Temporary staffing agencies obviously fit the bill for those seeking temporary positions, possibly because they want to taste different jobs, or companies, before they pick up a permanent post. Maybe, they simply wish to travel, or only need a temporary position. What may be less obvious to some is that a temporary staffing agency can also be a way to get a bead on a permanent position in an array of business niches, such as HR, administration, tech, etc. Normally, staffing agencies have a contract with a company to aid in filling positions for a specific time period, usually in a peak season. After a 3 month interval, many such agencies will allow their client companies to go on and hire the temps they like for minimal surcharges. So, a hard-working temp can definitely make the leap from temp to full-time, by using a staffing agency. Should a business wish to make things permanent sooner there may be a buy out fee. But, again, a good potential hire can be worth it. It’s best for those that have already decided they want permanency to let a staffing firm they apply with know. That way they can get on the table all the requirements that will have to happen to make that leap, should the opportunity present itself.

Reflect on these key points:

  • 1People choose to go the route of acquiring temporary work often because they wish to taste different work options and company cultures.
  • 2Other reasons can include a low boredom threshold, a need to have flexible off-time parameters, or the desire to travel.
  • 3If a temp has the desire to shift from a temp position to a full time one, it’s best to alert the staffing agency up front.

“Staffing companies acquire a client company’s business to fill the company’s positions in their niche. Most candidates start out as a temporary or contract worker on the staffing company’s payroll for a specific time period for peak business times, special projects, or coverage for a worker who is out on leave.”

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