Training Should Include Employee Self Learning Strategies

Anyone that has been trained into a new job knows that there is often a cookie cutter approach that trainers use to address all new employees. However, this may not work for everyone. To be truly successful, trainers must be able to give some control of the learning over to the trainee. This allows the training to be personalized and individualized in a way that best benefits the learner. While many companies provide company-wide training opportunities, it may be best to provide individual opportunities that employees are encouraged to take part in based on their interests. By allowing the learner to choose the format of some of their training, they will be more engaged and the training will stick with them better in the long term.

Reflect on these key points:

  • 1According to Chief Learning Officer Bob Mosher, personalized learning is the most successful when the learner controls it.
  • 2From a trainer’s perspective, handing control over to the learner isn’t easy because they are used to doing the instructing.
  • 3When it comes to training employees, individualization and personalization are not mutually exclusive.

“Individuals need to understand how they like to learn topics. And they need to be prepared to change styles as appropriate to achieve the desired learning objective.”

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