Track Your Time for 30 Days. What You Learn Might Surprise You.

After an exhausting book tour, Dorie Clark decided to following a professional’s advice and start tracking the amount of time she spent on different things for 30 days. She learned that multitasking can be life changing if it is done correctly. She also learned that meshing her professional and personal worlds in some cases can be useful and that certain times in each of her days were more wasteful than others, not to mention tasks carry a different amount of psychological weight.

Reflect on these key points:

  • 1Dorie Clark began tracking her time to see how she was utilizing her time.
  • 2The right multitasking, like listening to audio books and podcasts while cooking, can be a huge benefit in your life
  • 3If done correctly, tracking your time can help you increase your productivity.

“Inspired by a colleague, the time management expert Laura Vanderkam, I decided to spend the month of February tracking exactly how I spent my time, down to half-hour increments.”

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