Thursday Troubleshooter: Dental assistant feels ignored, also discouraged from sharing her marketing talents

Most of us have a title that goes along with what we do for a paycheck. In some
cases it’s self-explanatory. However, often jobs that have the word
assistant in them seem to magically stretch to encompass a host
of duties, not necessarily obviously belonging to the same general category.

It’s not unusual if one has a Jack-of-all trades type job,
for it to become second nature for Jack, or Jill, to have ideas about a great
many different aspects of the business.

In one case, where one dental assistant felt that offered marketing ideas was a case of offering creative concepts that seemed to fall off into a deep dark hole, the problem was likely less specifically a marketing concern per se.

It’s normal for a dentistry business to choose to deal with marketing needs in-house, or to outsource them. What a good boss might find problematic is having an already over-stretched employee taking the task on, between, a host of other
required duties, as the likelihood is that something will give out, a task will be shirt-changed, or the worker will wear out. That said, everyone wants and deserves respect and appreciation for their ideas. Before finding a more appreciative boss, however, try devising a calendar that you and administration can fill together, with marketing ideas. Look i for seasonally and possibly
holiday appropriate themes.

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