Three Reasons to Unmask Your Anonymous Employee Surveys

Anonymous surveys seem like a safe way to collect honest data, but in reality it is a dead end alley for business growth. Anonymous surveys force one solution on all employees, instead of finding a match that fits each individual. Anonymous surveys also block an employer from being able to have a conversation with their employees and dialogue about their concerns or creative ideas, both of which empower employees with the knowledge that they are being heard and are valued. With such motivated employees, business growth will be greater than those who are painted with the brush of anonymity.

Reflect on these key points:

  • 1A sense of psychological safety and trust is imperative to the ongoing health and productivity capacity of a good work team.
  • 2Anonymous surveys tend to generalize results under an umbrella of the mythological “average person.”
  • 3This sort of thinking gets in the way of understanding what works for each unique employee.

“Anonymity is believed to give your workforce license to speak freely. But, coaching managers to have regular, open conversations with their team members is a far better way for your organization to glean insights it needs on how best to keep everyone in your workforce motivated.”

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