This Is How To Use Mindfulness To Make Better Decisions

Mindfulness, the trendy philosophy of accepting and noting bad thoughts without either becoming rattled by them or seeking to change them, can be used to escape some of the obstacles to good decision making. People often have a good idea of what the right choice is, but they allow anxiety or fear for the future to either push them into the wrong choice or stymie them so much they make no choice at all. Mindfulness, in the form of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, can be used to help people get around these cognitive obstacles through conscious “de-fusion” from our thoughts.

Reflect on these key points:

  • 1It’s all too easy when standing at the precipice of an important decision to get reckless or become paralyzed.
  • 2The third alternative is to become mindful, which is to become highly aware of your thought process without becoming consumed by it.
  • 3One way to induce mindfulness is to remind yourself that your thoughts are separate from reality and do not transform reality by existing.

“Your brain is telling you all kinds of negative stories about how stuff might go wrong and you end up more focused on alleviating those concerns than making choices based on your values.”

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