This Is How to Be the Most Interesting Person in Any Conversation, According to Science

So many people feel they are not good conversation starters and they find themselves disappointed with the things they say. Whether it is a romantic interest or a friend, you want to be someone that others perceive as interesting so they’ll want to continue talking to you in the future. What does Science say it takes to be such a person when you are holding a conversation? The answer might just surprise you to learn!

Reflect on these key points:

  • 1Don’t worry about the potential hazards of the conversation. Focus on things that bring positive vibes to you and the other person
  • 2Conversations take two people to have. Making genuine talk with others will make you look better and provide good vibes
  • 3Be genuinely interested in the other person and ask questions about themselves

“To get the full benefit of the functioning of our deliberate system, your first order of priority is to steer clear of the negative stereotypes and judgments so many of us go into at first glance.”

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