The Winning Mindset That You Need for Success

Most of us start out at least willing to be flexible and with a degree of faith in ourselves and the world around us. Unfortunately, negative ideas creep in and eventually erode this early mindset. Sometimes we need to reset our minds to get back to a place of believing we are right with the world. There are practices we can implement that will aid us in this journey. One such practice is to refuse to be defined by someone else’s standard, regardless of the so-called expertise of that standard. Other practices: don’t let the goal be the end-all be-all. The journey to wherever you go is just as important, possibly more so, than a mecca that may not materialize. Remember hurdles are opportunities to learn and grow stronger. If something appears to be ‘in the way’ it simply means that the way has changed course. Approach each new thing with the assurance that it is where you are supposed to be and you will have gone a long way towards getting back that child-like belief and flexibility.

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