The Single Question that Drives Company Culture

Real innovation will starts with your company culture. Your shared values will help your business grow while a stale company culture can sink you entirely. Your company culture can change in subtle ways over time, but there are many ways to keep your infrastructure on task and in line with your overall mission. Simply stated, a good company culture drives innovation. Buzzwords fly off people’s tongues faster and farther than one can spit. Some words are sensationally silly but many words have set themselves apart and demand your attention and reflection. In the business world, no other word quite rings (and let’s be honest, stings) quite like the word “innovation.”

Reflect on these key points:

  • 1In today’s business era there are many people to keep happy and companies have to know who.
  • 2The new outline in today’s companies is that the employee comes first before the customer.
  • 3Many companies feel that the happy employee will in turn make the customer happy.

“In today’s business world, there’s no room for short-sighted thinking.”

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