The Secret About Resumes No Recruiter Will Tell You

Jobseekers are flooded with (sometimes contradictory) advice about how to write a resume, with tens of millions of web pages and lots of print resources as well. However, the importance of the resume has been steadily decreasing over time, to the point where they often don’t get read at all. LinkedIn has partially replaced resumes, but employers also conduct substantial research about their prospective hires, including looking for negative information. Networking is also more important than ever.

Reflect on these key points:

  • 1Google search engine results for how to write a resume number in the millions.
  • 2A Harris poll shows almost 60% of HR pros use online data to vet their hires and build a picture of the candidate’s experience.
  • 3Many HR vetters actively look for reasons not to hire applicants when searching online data pools.

“No, the big secret about résumé?s is that almost nobody reads them and that they’re almost entirely useless as job hunting tools.”

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