The No. 1 Way To Waste Your Time In A Job Search

Generally speaking, spamming out unsolicited copies of your resume to people you barely know or have met briefly is a total waste of everybody’s time. It’s important to do your homework ahead of time and seek out a warm introduction from someone in your network before applying. Many people don’t ever develop a sufficiently detailed knowledge of the jobs, companies and/or career fields they want to work in. In fact, the resume itself may be less useful than finding a way to tell a story about what you have accomplished.

Reflect on these key points:

  • 1The truth is that without a personal introduction your unsolicited resume is destined for the circular file.
  • 2Never send a resume without researching the company you are applying to work for.
  • 3Be prepared to ask for the position you want, and explain your suitability for it, rather than expecting a company to find you a ‘spot.’

“But in 35 years of professional life, including more than a decade as CEO of a public company, I have been continuously shocked by the naivete of people who resort to the old standby: sending out their resumes blindly.”

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