The Japanese Concept ‘Ikigai’ is a Formula for Happiness and Meaning

The concept of “ikigai” in Japanese culture is considered as a deep passion for one’s true happiness. In other terms it simply means “things that you live for.” To complete you own “ikigai” one would need to find out what they love to do, what they care about, what others need and what you get paid for. This way of thinking can be used to help make decisions in one’s personal life or even their career.

Reflect on these key points:

  • 16 six years ago, Melody Wilding realized she could no longer live her stressful and frantic life.
  • 2One recent study showed that those who know their life’s purpose are healthier overall.
  • 3Ikigai means the thing that gets you up in the morning and that you love more than anything else.

“Up until this point, I had rationalized that I was doing the “right” thing — getting “good” grades, going to a “good” school, getting a “good” job. But now, two facts were blatantly clear: (1) Living this way was not sustainable and (2) this was not what I was meant to spend my life doing.”

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