The Incredible Power of Believing in Yourself

As an entrepreneur you undoubtedly have a vision that keeps you pointed due north towards your goals. That’s good and important. Every successful individual began with a goal that kept them paddling in the direction of success. There is another important ingredient, however. And, that is confidence. A firm,belief in your innate ability to withstand mishaps and other slings and arrows of outrageous fortune is what will keep you afloat during hard times. It is what has kept every other successful person going after failures and setbacks, oftentimes a veritable parade of such that follow one another like dominos. Belief in yourself and in your entrepreneurial vision is what will garner you success, more so than just about any other factor. Even with that sustaining armor of confidence, there will inevitably be times when that armor takes on some dings. Fortunately. There are a couple of ways you can reinforce your armor. One important thing you can do is remind yourself of your wins. Play them back in your mind. Better yet, write them down for review as needed. Another good plan is to talk to yourself, not in the defeatist, whiny voice that says things like, “what the heck are you doing?” Or, ” why did you do that?” Talk yourself like a groom talking to a thoroughbred, like a coach acknowledging a champion. This sort of positive input can do wonders when it comes to refurbishing that armor and smoothing out the dings.

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