Technology Plays a Part In the Employee Experience

Tools have been enablers from the first time an early hominid used a stick to create s fire. We continue to use them to make our life and work easier to do. Only today, with modern technology, the tools do so much more than was ever even imagined in that prehistoric world, so much so that it becomes a situation where business people start to realize that a lack of tools is no longer the lack of a luxury that could mitigate some time loss and instigate some further efficiency. Rather, a lack of specific tools is actually keeping their business behind the eight ball, such as when a lack of the best equipment makes finding the best talent problematic. There’s also expectation to consider in the modern workforce. Use of technology is so endemic that potential hires arrive with an expectation of it. In short, things have come to a place where the stick is not just a thing we pick up once in a while when we need it, but a thing we may have to keep and use on a regular basis.

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