Spending Just 5 Minutes a Day Being Mindful Changes How You React to Everything

That knee-jerk way we all have at times of reacting, without thinking, actually stems from the older parts of the human brain. The newer portions, at the prefrontal cortex are more rational. So, how do we learn to access these newer parts? We develop “mindfulness.” Mindfulness is a mental stance. It is an openness to everything that we are experiencing in that moment. Most of us have found ourselves at the doorway of this state merely by allowing our minds to wander. Focused breathing can enable the process. But, it does not require meditation, or chanting, just the positive embracing, without judgement, of everything currently around you. In this state it’s easier to appreciate things, which promotes gratitude and releases stress, while evoking a better, happier, mental state. A journal filled with the good things you find to be grateful for is a positive way to reinforce your new skill. By working this state regularly, you will find yourself thinking more clearly and confidently and in a less judgmental way.

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