Should Your Employees Use a Sick Day or an Unsick Day?

When companies offer “unsick” days it is a way to keep employees more productive in the end. Unsick days allow employees the chance to operate at capacity when they are at work. Sick days are an essential way to keep sick employees at home and not spreading their illness around the office. Unsick days may prevent illness and lost time in the first place. Unsick days allows and employee to care of their children earlier so they do not lose days at home doing so when they are even sicker. It also means using some time for mental health. Ultimately, whatever a company decides including unsick days is preventative care.

Reflect on these key points:

  • 1The concept of ‘unsick’ days, to be used for health preventative measures, such as check-ups and procedures, like coloniscopies, is gaining traction.
  • 2Having designated unsick days allows workers to safeguard their regular PTO hours for needed vacation time.
  • 3As an administrator, affording your hires with a generous PTO package, incorporating unsick days, let’s employees know that prevention is as important as recuperation.

“Staying healthy is about more than just bouncing back from illnesses quickly, and employees need the freedom to take time off for preventive checkups, vaccinations or therapist visits.”

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