Shaping Better Workplaces Through Social Media Screening

One can get a great window into an employee simply by monitoring their social media activity. These social platforms enable the real deal to come alive hence helping you to remove a potentially damaging personality. So the best course of action for both the employer and employee is to be very aware of social media personalities that will either enhance your business or bring it to its knees creating a very hostile work environment. Social media is a great place to interact however be aware that everyone is watching you!

Key Takeaways:

  • Screening your candidates’ out-of-work social media can help rule out people with a history of discriminatory or abusive behavior.
  • Courts have verified that it is legal for employers to monitor or screen personal social media.
  • Many employers know that they should screen employees’ social media, but are worried about how much time it will require.

“The challenge most organizations face is how to implement that integration and what tangible measurements both teams can take away.”

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