Rethinking Job Offer Remorse – Ask #HR Bartender

HRBartender recently responded to a letter from a job seeker who turned down a job from a large Hospital but wanted to reconsider and apply for a job at the same place because their current employer didn’t uphold a promise to them. In a situation like this, it can be useful to try to sincerely and candidly explain the situation. Staying in contact via LinkedIn after turning down a job can also be a good way of keeping the connection alive.

Reflect on these key points:

  • 1When debating a job offer, do not let any anxieties play a factor in your choice.
  • 2Before you abandon your job, you should always let your employer have the opportunity to make things better.e the
  • 3If you need certain hours on a job, you should make it clear during your interview.

“Obviously, you want to weigh the pros and cons of the company and the position, but my biggest suggestion is to not let fear drive the decision. What I mean by that is don’t choose the safe choice or the comfortable choice-push yourself.”

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