Recruiting In a Tough Labor Market: 4 Advantages to Using Hiring Teams

Most people looking for jobs are using referrals from friends or online tools such as Glass Door or Indeed. While some companies hire too quickly, using a collaborative hiring model will take more time. Using collaborative hiring may give the candidate a realistic idea of what the job is really like since more people involved in the hiring process will feel obligated to help the candidate succeed, and will provide more of a network to the employee when they start the job. The collaborative team should have goals set along with training and good leadership for this all to work.

Reflect on these key points:

  • 1The complicated process of selecting and hiring new talent is getting harder as recruits are arriving with more preparation than ever before.
  • 2While HR pros are judging and evaluating candidates, those same candidates are judging their possible work sites, case in point by using websites like Glassdoor.
  • 3Hiring teams are a viable solution, although they do lengthen the process, creating the need for more interviews.

“Collaborative hiring takes time. More people are involved in the process so there are more schedules to coordinate and more interviews. And this could be a legitimate obstacle for companies. It could also be a huge benefit.”

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