Recruiting: Are Organizations Lowering Their Expectations

There is data to suggest that the trend in recruiting is towards down-skilling, or placing the educational bar and criteria for new hires lower than in prior time periods. There is a logic behind this. In periods where the number of available jobs to potential hires is skewed towards the jobs it’s best to build in a filter to get a smaller pool of applicants. When the opposite is true and there are far more jobs than applicants then it may be necessary to lower the criteria to get hires on board. Today, the second scenario is holding sway in the restaurant biz and there is concern that establishments could be setting themselves up for subpar workers. The good news is that regardless of the education of new hires, training can be used to fill the gaps in know how. Cognitive tests can be used to find hires that are likely to benefit from the training, regardless of prior education. On board assessment and a prerequisite to alert new hires of training they should expect can go a long way to ensuring good hires.

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