Recruiters: Use Cognitive Aptitude Tests to Expand Your Candidate Pipeline

More and more employers are reporting issues with lack of talented candidates to fill vitals roles in their companies. Employees with the know how are stressed with more workloads, forcing employers to hire unqualified employees to help out. There is a way however, to know if these employees have the ability to learn and succeed at the job. You can ask candidates to take a cognitive aptitude test, this can help employers hire the right people that can learn and excel in the business.

Reflect on these key points:

  • 1By using cognitive aptitude tests, companies can identify individuals that have the ability to solve problems, learn new skills, and think critically.
  • 2Cognitive aptitude tests should be used early in the hiring process to discover motivated candidates who have the potential to learn.
  • 3Based on surveys, 40% of employers have talent shortages and 33% of CEO’s worry today’s workforce doesn’t have the right skill set so finding qualified candidates to hire is critical.

“We might scan a resume to filter out a candidate who doesnt meet the minimum criteria for the job opening”

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