Recruiters: 8 Things Job Seekers Want from You [poll results]

There is a lot of concern about what business owners and job-fillers are looking for. However, less ink is spent on what potential hires are likely to go for themselves. There are enough openings that not every “help wanted” plea is answered. Nor is every interview taken an interview that a potential hire is excited to follow up on. If the idea is to get these potentially valuable recruits on board, it’s a good idea to know what draws them and what turns them off. Potential hires want to know what they are in for, not just what could be, but what is likely to be on the worst day. They want to understand what their possible job entails and to have it explained in clear language. They want to know if they are in the running and to know if they are unsuitable as soon as they can. Timeliness is doable in the age of computers and very much appreciated. Regarding the interview, candidates would like a less wooden approach then “tell me about you,” followed by a dead-pan expression. Points, for showing that the interviewer took the time to read through the application, or resume. Courtesy and respect is appreciated. Offering a meal, or at least a beverage, for someone that came a long way is simply decent and professional. A last thought, if phoning, make sure that caller ID gives the potential hire a company name and not simply “unknown caller.”

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