Really want that job? Don’t make these six mistakes

When it comes to job hunting, there is such a thing as chasing a job too aggressively. As with romance, too much desperation can push hiring managers away. Don’t play up or oversell your strengths. Instead, try to aim for a two-way conversation in which you ask good questions and develop a realistic understanding of how you can help accomplish the mission or goal in question. Don’t come off as either a chatterbox or a social media stalker, as either one can be alienating.

Reflect on these key points:

  • 1In an interview situation, it’s a mistake to come on overly strong by selling yourself for all your worth.
  • 2A better tack is to relax, listen, ask questions and treat the hiring process as you would a business meeting.
  • 3It’s important to stay on point, be clear and concise when answering questions as it shows you are paying rigorous attention.

“Don’t give interviewers a reason to eliminate you from the process before you’ve even had a chance to showcase your skills.”

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