Really want that job? Don’t make these six mistakes

It’s hard enough applying for a job, let alone applying for one that truly means the world to you. But, whatever job you apply for, especially if it’s super important to you, keep the following things in mind. Although you don’t really want to play hard to get, neither do you want to throw yourself at your beloved’s feet, with HR standing in for the beloved in this case. Don’t oversell and come on too strong, as it will be just as likely to send HR running as it would a potential beloved. Also, don’t be so eager to get a word in edge-wise that you rattle on and answer questions that no one thought to ask. This too is a turn off and suggests that your focus is not the best. Don’t make a point of saying yes to everything. It’s desperate, insincere, and keeps your brain under wraps. Remember you don’t have the job yet and don’t show up unannounced to follow up on our ‘chat,’ or assume a casual atmosphere means you can kick off your shoes and slurp on your drink. If you did your due diligence well and good. It’s important to know about a company. But, if in your meanderings you came across posts and data that was clearly not office-related, keep it to yourself. You’ll seem rude and intrusive, lacking in boundaries and even a bit spooky if you arrive saying, “how did Aunt Trudie’s operation go?” In short be engaging, witty, knowledgeable and approachable and polite. Ask questions and listen to what you are told. Treat it like a business meeting and you will go a long way to putting your best foot forward.

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