Questions to Ask Yourself at Every Point in Your Career

While the cliche advice to “find your passion” is often unrealistic, it can really pay off in the long run to take a “personal inventory’s of where you want to end up professionally and how to get there. Figure out, in concrete and realistic terms, where you want to be long term, what skills and traits you need to cultivate to get there, and how you can use your current job, resources and skills to best position yourself to start out towards your goal. You should also ask yourself things like what tasks or work invigorates you and whether you want to ever be on the management track, and continually assessing your own progress towards your goals.

Reflect on these key points:

  • 1There are specific questions that are germane to every level of our career life, for example, when starting out it is appropriate to ask, what do I want to be good at?
  • 2Once we have answered the question as to what we want to excel at than it becomes natural and organic to ask ourselves what skills must I acquire to make this happen?
  • 3It also follows that we would then ask ourselves, how must I position myself to make it possible for me to acquire these skills and then be able to excel at what I wish to excel at?

“Once you’ve zeroed in on actual skills you want to attain, you can work towards them and hopefully avoid some of the directionless-ness and misguided purpose some of us feel early in our careers (otherwise known as quarter life crisis).”

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