Practical Time Management

Time management is incredibly important, because time is the one resource nobody can get more of for any price. As with many other skills, what works for one person may not work as well for others. Basing your time management strategy off of that of a CEO or someone successful in a totally unrelated sphere of life may be much less useful for you. Understand what your core deliverable is and allocate more of your most productive time to doing that.

Reflect on these key points:

  • 1To get a realistic bead on achievable time-management skills, seek to emulate successes that do what you do.
  • 2Know when your optimal time of day for productivity is and optimize for that portion of the day.
  • 3It’s important to remember that listening, sharing, spending time and energy that will help others achieve there related work goals, also vobdtiturrs work and productivity.

“The real challenge with time management is not always about personal output but the impact of how one person works relative to those they work with and depend on and for a project overall.”

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