Organizations Can Use Assessments to Bridge the Skills Gap

HR managers around the country are reporting that there is a shortage of qualified candidates to fill full-time positions due to perspective hires lacking the necessary skill set. Because of this companies need to start investing in training employees that they think will be a good fit even though they don’t have the necessary skills. This skill gap can cost businesses money when they can’t take on projects. Find out here how to hire the right person to train.

Reflect on these key points:

  • 1A dearth of skilled talent is responsible for causing companies to turn down projects and making it hard for HR managers to hire new people.
  • 268% of HR professionals report they are experiencing difficulty finding qualified personnel for full-time positions.
  • 3Instead of hoping to find the perfect applicants, businesses need to realize that an investment in employee development and training is critically needed.

“Employers who are willing to hire talent based on measurements of potential are more likely to be able to close the skills gap themselves through training.”

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