New Year’s Resolutions: Be Yourself in 2019 (And Beyond)

Though Oscar Wilde is dead; his words to just be yourself live on. So often, in media today, we read about a topic and jump on the bandwagon, repeating the trends of others. Be yourself instead of pretending to be someone else who has fine tuned what they will say. Your employer will want the person who showed up for their interview. You need to find it in yourself to be unique and to continue to be creative.

Reflect on these key points:

  • 1Being authentically “you” does not mean that one cannot benefit from borrowing other’s good ideas.
  • 2Borrowing other’s ideas can of course run the gamut from the benign and useful, as in picking up a “best practice” technique, all the way to overt plagiarism.
  • 3It’s important to note that being creative and leaping out of the box takes effort, because it can be far more uncomfortable than settling for doing what “everyone” does.

“Playing repeatedly in my head and recently in my blog posts: be authentic and be YOU.”

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