New Hires Not Engaged? How to Design an Onboarding Intervention

Readex Research has developed a new tool to aid management in onboarding new hires. The period between walking through the door and being comfortable in a new job is rarely less then 30 days. A learning and adaptation curve is natural and to be expected, as are jitters and concerns on the part of the hires, most of which they will probably keep to themselves, with an intent to appear to fit it faster. But, a fast fit-in should not be the goal, rather a good one, however long it may take. That said, the sooner management catches onto what is not making a good fit for the newbies the sooner they can intervene and possibly set things on a better path before they wind up needing more new hires. A check in with newbies is desirable. But, face-to-face may be intimidating and time-consuming. A quick poll is optimal. But, it must be easy to do and provide fast and easy to assess results. This is what Readex has developed, five questions that can alert managers of possible areas of concern with new hires, areas that they can and should deal with in a timely manner. In doing so, not only is the problem that could have been burgeoning dealt with, but the new hires realize that what they think and feel does matter to management, which is a real win for the business and everyone involved in it.

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