Managers: Ask Employees to Give You Feedback – Friday Distraction

If managers aren’t asking employees for feedback, they probably should be. Things that help productivity is knowing one another’s work styles, and a boss should want to know the employees’ preferences. An employee may help a boss realize that they need training to support their staff. 

Reflect on these key points:

  • 1Managers should be able to site their own requirements, areas where they need growth, and know how to ask for developmental needs.
  • 2One on ones between managers and employees should focus on achievement of goals and not merely on setting them.
  • 3Managers need to learn and utilize support techniques, for example coaching an employee through a difficult issue.

“Managers should be asking employees how they like to work and sharing their work preferences as well. I have to admit that my effectiveness as an employee dramatically increased once I figured out my boss’ work style. It allowed me to pitch ideas at the right moment, and that is important.”

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