Machines Will Rule the Workplace? Not So Fast…

Over the last 200 years, new machines have increasingly replaced humans, and even advanced tasks like speech recognition and translation can now be performed by relatively cheap computers and smartphones. This column describes how labour-saving technology appeared to play a key role in one of the most dramatic cases of labour unrest in recent history – the Swing riots in England during the 1830s – serving as a reminder of how disruptive new, labour-saving technologies can be in economic, social, and political terms.

Reflect on these key points:

  • 1Rosemary Haefner cites IQ and EQ, as two qualities that machines, even advanced AI systems, can’t replace in the human resources department.
  • 2A recent Accenture report also noted, that in this age of the machine, as encroaching power-holder/transformer in the business world, being human remains a valuable commodity.
  • 3To stay valuable and employed, people will have to exploit non-machine-transferable skills, like social/emotional intelligence and complex analysis.

“A recent CareerBuilder report cited that 55% of HR managers believe that artificial intelligence and automation will become a regular part of human resources within the next five years.”

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