Life Is Better When We Focus on What We Appreciate, Not What’s Lacking

Many people have an unhealthy habit of becoming fixated on what they wanted (or felt entitled too) but didn’t get, even if these I met expectations occurred in the midst of otherwise positive experiences. This is a sure fire way to get caught in a cycle of negative thinking and entitled resentment that can spoil otherwise happy times. Instead, it is best to direct your mental focus to what you do like, enjoy or value about new experiences and memories, because doing this will tend to raise your mood and lead to a fairer and more optimistic perspective.

Reflect on these key points:

  • 1Sadly, many of us choose to hone in on the one negative comment amidst an otherwise positive review.
  • 2We are better off if we learn to accept imperfection and enjoy what is working well.
  • 3Don”t obsess about reviews, or give them too much time out of your day, or power to influence you.

“How many of us fixate on the wands we didn’t get, even amidst the most wonderful experiences?”

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