Leaders Drive Organizational Culture [poll results]

Every business has a culture, call it an ambience, mixed with a philosophy and core mission, resulting in a particular stamp that sets that business apart. Leadership is also an intrinsic part of every business. Some might suggest that from the culture of a given business the leadership emerges, which could be taken as a fair point. Others would gravitate towards the concept that leadership drives the culture. It could be considered a chicken or egg question, without a way to break the tie were it not for one thing, a poll. Workers, who are the ones in the end most impacted by both culture and leadership, answered a poll. And, the results were compelling. Four to one, respondents said they felt that it was leadership which drove culture and not the other way around. These compelling results have consequences, or should. Besides investing in great leadership at every rung of the business and holding all leaders accountable for both implementing and keeping high standards in their division, corporations also need to hire new people with great leadership qualities that are a fit to the culture of the business, assuming the culture is s desirable one. Should that not be the case, then new leader hires should have the qualities needed to infuse a new sort of culture into the business.

Reflect on these key points:

  • 1Online polling suggests that workers believe that leadership drives organizational culture and not the other way around.
  • 2Those polled favored leadership as the bigger impetus over culture four to one.
  • 3Businesses should be investing in leadership on every rung of the business and holding those leaders accountable.

“I don’t want to say that companies need to hire leaders that are a cultural fit because it’s possible that the culture stinks and the organization wants new leaders to come in and create change.”

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