Job Candidate Disclosing Why They Quit a Job – Ask #HR Bartender

It is a common problem for job seekers. You left your previous job on less than great terms, but you don’t want to ruin any potential new jobs by trashing your former employee. So how do you handle this dicey situation? For starters, remain professional by refraining from speaking poorly of former employers and/or places of employment. It only makes you look bad. Better answers would be those focusing on the desire to find more rewarding work, higher pay, a better work environment, etc.

Reflect on these key points:

  • 1Those hiring will ask people why they left their last job to determine if the potential employee is a trouble maker or hops from job to job.
  • 2Recruiters hate when candidates bad mouth their old bosses because it’s unprofessional.
  • 3In the job hunt, it is better to make sure that you focus on telling the potential employer that you hope for more challenging or new forms of work.

“Employers want to know if the candidate was forced to leave due to performance issues or was downsized due to no fault of their own.”

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