Is Perfectionism Required to Be Successful?

Females in the workforce, particularly in the higher echelons of the business world, often feel that they have more to prove than their male counterparts. Doing more, raising the bar, going the extra mile every day, becomes their inner mantra. In a word, they become hunters of the elusive quality of perfection. Not only is perfectionism an unrealistic and ultimately self-defeating goal, it actually inhibits the pursuer of it. Pursuing perfection proves to your superiors that you can self-manage and raise your own standards, which is good, but it’s also been done before. Pursuers of the unreslistic goal of perfection as so busy being perfect that they fail to show off their inner charisma, those unique and creative attributes that ultimately make them far more memorable and difficult to do without. Instead of trying to reach a level of bland and untouchable perfection in every area, highlight that area where you know you can really rock it out and potentially become the go-person for that thing.

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