Is it Time to Fail, OR is it Time to Fill?

It is well within our nature to want to think positive. It’s also well within human nature to bite off more than we can reasonably expect to chew. The truth is projects are usually underestimated in terms of projected time lines. Every big job has the potential to morph into a million unanticipated sub-jobs, not to mention the unanticipated, employee issues, scheduling and budgeting issues, all crop up. And Murphy’s law reigns supreme.

When posting an opening, the time that lags between the posting and the filling of that post is known as fill time. As with project timelines, it’s apt to be a longer period than initially anticipated. But, that does not have to be bad. Use that time proactively. Plan and decide on what the job requires. Use the time to become focused and clear about recruiting issues. That way the filling is successful and not a failure.

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