Improve Performance by Expanding Solutions

If you have given a performance evaluation of your employee, do schedule follow ups with them even if the worker improves immensely. You will want to find out what tactics the worker employed to improve their performance. One can find ways to improve in a variety of methods. Blogs are a great source of help. The old standby, books, are also a great asset. Additionally, podcasts, conferences, expositions, seminars, meetings, and social media can provide valuable insight as well.

Reflect on these key points:

  • 1Although employees might improve after a performance review, followup reviews should also be scheduled.
  • 2Blogs, books, and podcasts are wonderful resources for managers looking for ways to improve performance.
  • 3Conferences, seminars, expositions, and meetings can also help with management skills.

“I certainly hope that readers find HR Bartender a source of ideas and practical solutions. That being said, there are lots of other blogs that can be useful and very helpful. Harvard Business Review has an outstanding blog. I also love their Management Tip of the Day email.”

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