HR’s Role in Helping Organizations Accept Feedback

Feedback from all people connected to an organization is a good thing. It helps to improve a company, correct mistakes, as well as act like a ‘grading’ tool. Human Resources is usually the best place to receive and spread the word. Developing a feedback culture is essential for it to be successful. Check out this article to see if your company is doing this, or is receptive in implementing plans to do so. Who knows, mistakes corrected from this activity may lead to a more profitable company, with bigger paychecks!

Reflect on these key points:

  • 1It’s important to develop a feedback culture in an organization, with the result being better performance.
  • 2Feedback starts in the hiring process, continues through job satisfaction and recognition, and includes further feedback from those leaving the organization.
  • 3HR is entirely responsible to gather feedback. From top management down the line, everyone involved in the organization needs to play a part.

“HR touches the entire employee life cycle; therefore, they control a big piece of the company’s feedback culture.”

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