HR Practices Making You Feel Bad? Check Your Habits

As an HR professional, you know all too well that you have developed habits that are not making your job easier. For example, many of us check (and then check again) with stakeholders before finalizing a decision. Almost all of us skip our lunch (more times than we like to admit) in order to get something done. Many of us don’t know how to say no or don’t say no enough. Some of us are guilty of over-talking when we should be listening. No one is perfect but if you sense some of your habits are getting in the way of being an effective HR professional, make a short list of those habits and work on changing the ones that make you feel bad.

Reflect on these key points:

  • 1All HR pros develop routines that are hard to shake and may seem optimal, but may not be, such as skipping lunch to get more done.
  • 2Other tendencies that may not upon scrutiny be best practices include triple checking and the knee-jerk tendency to tell people why a thing won’t work, rather than any it will.
  • 3Other time-wasters include over-talking, under-listening and telling inappropriate candidates you will get back to them.

“You usually know deep in your stomach when one of your work practices isn’t working. We are masters at ignoring our gut, especially when the idea of changing a habit or admitting failure or is too difficult to face. If your gut tells you something doesn’t feel right, that habit needs to be explored.”

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