How to Run a Meeting Without Talking Too Much

Hosting a workplace meeting in which you dominate too much of the conversation can be inefficient or even counterproductive by wasting time and irritating coworkers. It’s important that you go into a meeting with pre-prepared notes, key points and time limits, and that you stick To them. To encourage others to participate, distribute the meeting agenda and any preparatory materials are enough ahead of time that others can prepare on time. Finally, it can be helpful to use a “round robin” format that ensures everyone has at least a minimum number/duration of turns to speak.

Reflect on these key points:

  • 1So as not to monopolize your next meeting, give yourself 3 minutes speaking time.
  • 2Create a round robin format, so ideally everyone has the opportunity to express an opinion.
  • 3Consider alerting a few people about key agenda items prior to the meeting, so as to request their input.

“If a new topic comes up at a meeting, ask yourself whether your opinion is really necessary. If it is, sketch out a few points on a notepad, and stick to them when it’s your turn to speak.”

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