How To Know If You’ll Be Successful

Motivation is one thing that is much easier to control than the other factors that determine success. Turning jobs into games rather than grinds, for example, can make you more motivated and help you learn things as well. Duolingo and CrossFit are good examples of this. The ability to already see yourself as a real contender even before you become one is also very important, and can help separate future successes from future wannabes. You should share your passions with others to help integrate it with the rest of your life.

Reflect on these key points:

  • 1Almost any task that involves numbers can be turned into a game rather than a grind, which will help you to stay motivated and learn.
  • 2Successful entrepreneurs usually report that they perceived themselves as “real” entrepreneurs before they attained actual successful, while failed entrepreneurs usually did not.
  • 3Don’t be afraid to talk about your passions and goals with others, as this is a way to get more support from them.

“How could you ever become an Olympic Athlete if you didn’t at some point see it and believe it in your mind?”

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