How To Give Constructive Feedback

When managing a business or teaching students, constructive feedback is vital. This type of feedback should pass no judgment towards others and be effective. Try not to put down the person and help them to problem solve their situations. Ways to improve your constructive feedback is by being specific at all times; keeping tone informal while talking; do not hold back. Lastly, praise your employee or student for trying to take care of the situation themselves.

Reflect on these key points:

  • 1Since employee issues can and do arise all the time, waiting to give feedback only during designated review times isn’t really an option that works.
  • 2For feedback to have impact it needs to be specific, as a mere “you need to do better” is much to generic for useful results.
  • 3As a manager in a leadership position, you owe it to your employees to be fully forthcoming and put it all on the table, ensuring that whatever the problem is it gets thoroughly aired.

“While it might seem daunting, giving feedback in a constructive way really does make a big difference. It’s important to respect how much of a significant impact bad feedback can have so you need to have a game plan ready well in advance.”

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