How to Get To the Root Cause of Employee Engagement Issues

Lack of communication, management problems, a change in management, and misalignment are among the most common causes of employee engagement issues, but there is something that you can do about these things and become a better business when the day is done. It is imperative to first get to the root cause of the problems causing employee issues, as what we’ve outlined above, to secure a solution to these issues that works for your needs.

Reflect on these key points:

  • 1Surveys are a good way to gather information from employees, and follow up surveys are even better.
  • 2The impact of those surveys will depend largely on how the management used the gathered information.
  • 3Focus groups and action commitees aren’t as effective as surveys because single employees can over voice the others.

“Including a follow-up item such as “My manager challenges me to improve.” could provide additional clarification and feedback about not only “who” but “where” the focus needs to be.”

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